Master of Social Sciences in

Public Policy and Risk Governance

Programme Objectives

To instill in students the theoretical and interdisciplinary expertise necessary for the practice of risk governance in public policy

To gain broad and deep knowledge of the public policymaking processes in which decisions about risks are taken and implemented

To demonstrate knowledge of research principles and methodologies relevant to public policy studies from the perspective of risk governance

To acquire the analytics managerial skills in public sector that can be applied to developing innovative solutions to a broad range of risk problems in policy issues

To reflect critically on the challenges relating to risk governance on the management, implementation, and evaluation of public policies and respond to these in innovative ways

Learning Outcomes


Critically examine key theoretical and analytical perspectives and debates in risk and public policy studies


Develop a risk-based approach to understanding the public policy institutions and processes and their implications on policy development and implementation 


Conduct risk analysis and public policy research using appropriate research methods


Apply skills and knowledge acquired in the curriculum to analyze various policy issues


Devise innovative and professional policy recommendations for complex policy problems in a changing risk society  

Education & Career

The Programme is designed for those who plan a career in any aspect of public administration, risk governance, or policy studies.

Education Pathways

Graduates of the Programme may pursue further study at the MPhil or PhD levels, particularly in the field of policy studies and government and public administration. 

Employment Pathways

Career opportunities include positions in administration and policymaking in government agencies, political organizations, NGOs, charities, international organizations, political consultancy, public relations and public affairs agencies and business sectors.